Our Balbuzard 45′ is intended as a performance open catamaran being able to be handle by a small family crew while cruising at high speeds.

The 110 m² of sail area and light displacement of less than 7 tons augurs well for some express ocean passages; all the more so as the hulls are voluminous and the width between them is significant. The Balbuzard 45 will feature excellent seakeeping in all circumstances with good bridgedeck clearance, aft platform and fine-entry bows. This completely open concept with circulation and ergonomics optimized for family cruising and its original layout offers a saloon and a central cockpit protected by a rigid bimini into which solar panels are integrated. The coachroofs house two protected living areas, the galley on one side and the saloon and navstation on the other. Beneath the living areas are the two technical compartments, perfectly centered. The cabins and bathrooms are located in the hulls. The raised helm stations are positioned aft of the coachroofs. The Balbuzard 45 Open, with her hybrid hydro-generator electric propulsion and solar panels, is playing the range card. As for the construction with a low carbon footprint, it uses natural materials – wood, flax fiber, cork and bio-sourced epoxy resin – facilitating the build for the majority of the spread-out surfaces. A kit for amateur construction is in the design stage.

Technical Specifications

LOA 15.0m
BOA 7.7m
Displ. 6.8t
SA (upwind) 110m²
Material Composite